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PC Button Box

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I picked up an Arduino from work and attempted to create a Button Box, and it bloody worked! I found the wiring diagram and code from Kevin Peat's site. This is a very picture heavy post!


Bought a box, made a layout and got to work with a drill.



The bracket inside was for attaching it to my wheel stand. It came from an Ikea bookcase, its the bracket for attaching it to the wall. #Recycling =P



It's a bit wonky, but it'll do!



I started the soldering part by removing every other wire from an IDE cable, so it would leave me only the wires on the same row.



I trimmed the wires I didn't need. Using an IDE cable gave me something I could hot glue onto inside of the case so I can easily remove the Arduino if it didn't work/I needed it for another project.



There's two quarter inch jack sockets on the back for foot pedals, or when I have the time and resources a rally style gear stick =D



And finally! The moment you've been waiting for (possibly). I intend to make a fancier looking one someday, but this was super cheap to make!




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On 6/16/2016 at 6:19 PM, Hazz said:

That is pretty neat. What exactly will you use it for in your racing games tho?

I've set it up as a numpad and the four reds on the right are arrow keys, so I don't have to lean forward to press my keyboard =P So disconnecting my trailer in ETS2 instead of being T on the keyboard it a button on the box. Just makes everything easier.

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43 minutes ago, Dr. Heinz said:

Looks pretty fuckin cool

Thanks man. I hope to make it cooler looking. Been looking for different enclosures. Maybe something with a lip on the top so I can place a bit of LED strip light =P Some nicer buttons wouldn't go a miss. Although this build was to make sure I could do it =D  

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